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by mix engineer Dmitry Onufrienko

Hello everybody!
I’m mixing engineer Dmitry Onufrienko.
I'm offering professional mixing service that will make your songs sound great.
Enjoy my mixes.


My mixes

A nice ballad. Smooth guitars, wide mix and Justin's excellent vocal performance.

Alone With You - Justin Myles

Rock band from Australia - "Why Wait".

Personality - Why Wait

"Ganz Nah Dran - INI" with symphony orchestra.

Ganz Nah Dran - INI

Arto - UTGandhi. It's better to listen on the hi fi system.

Arto - UTGandhi

All The Gin Is Gone - Maurizio Pagnutti Sextet.

All The Gin Is Gone - Maurizio Pagnutti Sextet

DCO (Dry Clean Only) - an alternative punk band from Middle Village, Queens NY. .

Iron Sheik - Dry Clean Only

David Crosby and his guitars.

Things We Do For Love - David Crosby

The original mix of the indie-rock band.

Distance - Regret The Hour

It's jazz. I have mixed it without reverb and delay, only room mic.

Summertime - Zwiepack

Fredy V - "Not Alone".

Not Alone - Fredy V

It's blues rock.

Rather Be Drinkin - Street Noise

Rock song and cool guitar solo with Gibson Les Paul + Marshall guitar amplifier.

Rock'n'Roll Bitch - Happy Mothers


       There is no specific standard for mixing music. Same song can be mixed in many different ways. Every mix engineer has his own opinion, preferences and style which he applies toward the music he mixes. For example: If you have potatoes, you can make French fries, home fries, mashed potatoes …you name it... On the other hand, if I have those potatoes, I might choose Au-gratin style while you prefer potato chips! That is why, it is imperative for me to understand your sense and feel for music. Your audio piece should harmoniously reflect your style. Your reference track and your notes are very helpful for this.

       I make the mixes only with mastering. I don’t make only master, or only mix. I think that mixing and mastering are the two components of the single process. To make a good mix i need to hear it so as your listeners. Because your listeners will hear the mix after mastering.

       I use the latest and most advanced technology and professional equipment for my mixes - multi-band compressor, dynamic delay, sidechain just to name a few. Preferred manufacturers are Fabfilter, Izotope, and Cakewalk. Monitors for mixing are JBL. I will send the final mix only after careful and detailed analysis based on the reference track.

       My service is online-based business, so you will not have to go anywhere. Just upload your music files to any cloud storage and send me the links.

       Using my online mixing services, you will get a great quality commercial mix that is ready for the big promotion.

       What is OTC.MIX? It's my brand.

       I can tell you a lot about what I'm good at, but I will let my mixes do this for me.

If you like my mixes, let's make your music together. Please read the FAQ, and contact me.

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